2 Marathons in 3 weeks mad eh

I so wish I had Serious Supplements on board 2 weeks ago then i wouldn’t have had to go through the agony at Chester marathon.  I have major probs with cramps in my legs in long races.  I had to run the last 7 miles in agony and with rigid legs and no freedom of movement.  This meant i missed out on my PB by 2 mins.

Serious Supplements would have provide a more detailed assessment of a bespoke supplement to help my needs.  As it was time caught up on me and what i used did not prevent them.  I think its all about my prep  hydration in weeks before and not just a few days before.  I also need to learn to take water on the race and not be concerned by the seconds it cost my lap split taking water on board.

Anyway I am off to ireland on 28th and i fully intend to learn from my mistakes.
Pretty flat course and less climbing than chester.

FRA relays the week before but i dont want to let the lads down so will still compete, some would say this insane but i know letting people down is just not in my nature.

have just smashed out all the lactic with a 60 mile steady ride today and they are feeling almost back to normal

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