Converting Marathon Miles Into Ultra Smiles


– my (what could be your) Ultra journey…..


Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 19.47.54


Where did my journey start…?

Back in 2009 whilst having a few shandies on my Christmas do with the staff from St Anne’s Academy, I came to the conclusion, ‘I have done a bit of running, yet I need a challenge, well stuff it I will run a marathon.’ Bearing in mind that two years prior to this I was 99kg in weight and going in the wrong direction – this was a ballsey move!

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 12.57.56

That night I asked seven other colleagues and told them there was no backing out and that I am entering them all for this in the morning. Surprisingly the following morning, it became apparent I was on my own on this journey, which I guess is what marathon running essentially is. It’s just you against the distance.

So I entered the Edinburgh marathon, I followed a schedule but also added a few of my own ideas into the mix too. For example, my bus stop runs. This basically was how I built up my mileage and distance. I would get the bus to a stop at a certain distance then run home. Each week I would get off one stop further and before you know it you have a 20/22 mile run.

On the day of the race, it was one of the hottest days in Scottish History and was actually heading over the twenty-nine degree mark. After one mile there were several runners dropping out from heat exhaustion. It made me realise just how tough the ask was.


As you can imagine, my mood went through the usual ups and downs during the race. Each “down” was exaggerated by the burning sensation on the bottom of the feet and of course some amazing blisters. At the end of the marathon, I said to my wife, Liz, those magical words, “I will never do that again”. I completed the marathon in 3 hours 25 mins.

Running marathons feels like you have achieved the impossible and when all is said and done, you have nothing more to give.

In the following months, I took the plunge and joined a running club.   It would take me another 3 years before I mustered the strength to do another. But with lots of fell running and added strength and experience I decided to attack the 2:45 marathon time.

In 2012, I entered the Manchester Marathon. I trained harder than I’d ever training before and was achieving each of my target times, and coming second place in the Blackpool half along the way. At the time, I’d thought that there was no chance I wouldn’t get my target time. However, (I am not one for excuses, but…) the weather was horrendous and I’d made some shocking decisions that backfired. I ran in just a vest, short shorts, a buff and it was winter like weather. It was -5 wind chill that day and I ended the race collapsed and woke up with medics surrounding me.

I had gone off too quick so I was exhausted and parts of the course were flooded. Coupled with the arctic weather, it resulted in myself becoming hypothermic. I didn’t let this knock me down though and knew the times would come eventually. I made the decision to do Cork Marathon only 5 weeks later, I made improvement to take my time to 2:51. I actually ran it in my Vibram five-finger barefoot running shoes and ran one of the fastest times in the world (at the time) wearing these barefoot shoes. I wasn’t done that year; I then ran Chester Marathon in 2:47 and was naturally gutted to just miss out again on my target time.

At the start of 2013, I started my business, Cannonball Events, and decided to organise a few Ultra-marathons.   It was at this point that I thought to myself, “If your going orgainse them you need to run them too”. I decided to train for Ultras of 50km (31 miles). I entered the White Rose Ultra, with basically the target of training for Chester Marathon and using the mileage achieved to good effect with intentions of completing the Ultra – nothing more.

As this was only 1 month after the marathon, I needed to make sure my preparation and recovery was spot on. A bold move, but one I knew would work if I trained correctly. This time I designed my own program; I included trail runs and hill sessions as part of the program. I knew that if I could use the speed I had from the marathon running, combined with the strength required to run the fells that I could do quite well.

Calderdale Way Full Map Ultra Walking Marathon Relays

Several of my long runs were on the Rochdale Canal (Canalthon Route) and Calderdale Way (CWUltra Route). Both routes offer highly runnable paths and traffic free training grounds. Awesome for training and making training or running feel free from the hustle and bustle of everyday life).

My interval sessions would often involve picking a 5k loop (similar to the Trailblaster 12 route), and using them to boost my distance and pace capacity. I found having measurable distances that were familiar had helped me to develop a feel for pace and how certain paces felt. It helped me to reduce the chance of injury too, running on softer ground.

I would often complete an interval session such as:

  • 1 lap warm up
  • 1 lap tune up increasing pace
  • 1 lap marathon pace
  • 1 lap flat out
  • 1 lap cool down

During Chester 2013 marathon I would take a small backwards step as I got cramp in the last three miles and ran on with it to get 2hrs49. However, I knew I was in good shape so made the unbelievable decision to run Dublin Marathon a few weeks later. Here I posted the time of 2:46:54 – a PB but still not what I had wanted. This left me with only one week to recover before the Ultra. I knew I had the strength to be able to do it. But two marathons and one ultra at a good speed in five weeks was a huge asks. But I achieved it…

During my first Ultra I had found that the speed aspect was my best and worst weapon. Leading the race from the word go had meant that I had no one to follow. In turn, this lead to me getting lost at least three times and adding a further five miles onto the distance. I still managed to come second in the race and only a few minutes behind the winner. At the time, I was pleased and looked back at how I had built up to be able to run my eventual 35miles at a decent pace and was content. Nonetheless, the biggest takeaway from the race I took was the fact that I felt that there were certain aspects of the race I would have improved on if were I orgainsing it.

Organising races is not easy and I knew that more than most. It gave me a great insight into how I could structure my navigational aids to help the runners, which led me to create the bespoke race map for the Calderdale Way Ultra (see photo), as well as the importance of offering recces as part of the package.

Inspired, I looked for another Ultra in December and found one – the Frostbite 30 sponsored by Berghaus. I selected this as it was over very similar terrain to the Calderdale Way. It would offer me a similar experience to the runners racing in our race. I had led from the word go and ran the entire race from the front breaking the previous years record by 15 minutes. During the race, I used all my pacing strategies and stuck to my game plan. Regardless of how far I got in front, I had a plan and I stuck to it. I now had the experience of running 30 miles and was mentally ready for this.

I ran several miles on my own and used the ultra to enjoy the views and dream of what a victory here would lead to. After winning the race I had convinced myself that I could do a 50 miler, I had used marathons and shorter Ultras to build up to bigger challenges.   It was that that inspired me to add the shorter version of the Calderdale Way Ultra into the package. The purple route shows the shorter route of the two races. (photos of shorter route).

Having completed the two 30-mile Ultras, I began training with a good friend of mine Nick Barber and decided to enter the Lakeland 50 mile Ultra. This was much tougher than the ones I was orgainsing but was similar in the sense that several of the paths were visible and it was a highly runnable course.

I had built up my distance from marathon, to short Ultra marathons to attempting a 50 miler. I had felt that with the sufficient practice on the course, or with the specific training for what lied ahead, I would be fine. We trained the course on five occasions and strategically planned the recces to suit the distances we needed and to implement our game plans in the race.

When the race began, the first 15 miles were great but the remaining 35 miles were some of the toughest miles I would ever run. However, the lesson is that you can run the distance, but giving up is a state of mind and is more about your mental fortitude than your physical state – The next 35 miles were testament to that. At the twenty-mile mark, I was gone. I couldn’t put one foot after the other, I felt that we had gone off too fast and I wanted to give in every step of the way. I saw Garry Wilkinson (GW FitnessandRehab) and he got me going again very slowly at first and then the momentum carried on and I simply used each checkpoint as a goal.

The remaining miles were extremely testing, especially the last four where at one stage I was heading off out of the aid tent in the wrong direction. I Saw Audra Banks From Outdoor Angels and fortunately she ran after me and turned me round, at this stage both I and Nick just wanted to see the finish.

We completed the race finishing first pair in a time just over 10 hours. It was at that stage that I realised that anyone can be an Ultra Runner. It just needs dedication, mileage, preparation and most importantly mental toughness.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 00.01.43

I have also since completed two marathons in 2014 Manchester (2:41) and Berlin Marathon (2:40) – so maybe it was all these extras miles from the Ultras that made the difference. Ultras miles into marathon smiles… the same works.

If you want to run an ultra and feel that you’d like to write your own ultra story, or that you can relate to elements of mine, take a look at the races we have to offer. You can also follow the company on Twitter or Facebook, we have race pages for all our races and all the information can be found on our Ultras through the following pages.


Canalathon 22nd March:

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 17.00.07

Calderdale Way Ultra 6th June:

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 17.00.07

Trailblaster 12 June 21st:

Trailblaster Ultra Marathon Relay 5k Entry Lancashire

Trailblaster Trail Running Lancashire Charity Challenge

Lastly, don’t forget to come and support us in Towneley on February 22nd, as our Trailblaster Charity Team attempts to race 100 miles over 12 hours, to raise money for Pendleside Hospice. Full details can be found here, whilst donations can be made here.

We will be producing much more regular blogs now too, one on the 1st of every month. Thanks for reading.

Hope to see you soon.

John Lloyd


Tod Park 5k – Finale & Round-up…

cannonball Logo

Tom Collinge was once again in fine form at the final Todmorden park 5k race of the Summer series, taking victory in an impressive 16:54. This keeping in line with previous consistent times (16:40 & 17:05) also managed to land him the overall win for the series with a total qualifying time of 50:39 ahead of some pretty stern competition from Dave Potter (Trawden Ac) in second place & Burnley Ac’s Daniel Balshaw in third.



Over to the Ladies race and week four saw a new course record!! Uk Netrunner Hannah Oldroyd cruised to victory over the five laps with a storming run of 18:14. The battle for the series in the ladies had been one of epic proportions with two runners literally ‘going at it’ in each and every race of the series with some great times along the way. In the end, Salford Harrier Annabeth Orton narrowly edged out Autumn Howard of Trawden Ac by only 27 seconds over the combined times with both ladies three best times being under 20 minutes – what a cracking effort! There is also a mention to third placed runner Natalya Irvine of Blackburn Harriers who is an under 18 runner, certainly one to look out for in the future.


One of the main ethos of Cannonball events is the fact we pride ourselves that our races are for everyone, not just the faster runners and each time we hold a race series we award prizes for runners who show improvement to their times over the races. 42 runners qualified as eligible by showing improvement on their base time from week one and the most improved tag was thoroughly deserved by David Howard of Trawden AC with a really impressive 11.8% improvement in time from 24:31 to 21:38 which is amazing in just a few short weeks. The most improved female was Alison Butterworth (U/A) with a 10.9% slash to her time from 37:03 to 33:01 – over 4 minutes dropped.



Overall we hope you have been as happy with the series as we have. We have seen both male & female course records smashed – who knows just how low they may go next year. We have seen a record turnout for race 2 which we were grateful to the Pendle & Burnley GP for including it on their series this year. The new finish to the course seemed to be well received with good feedback from runners.

As usual, these races could not happen without such phenominal support from the runners & good turnouts from many of the local running clubs, there will be extra incentive for runners if their club chooses any of our races to be included on their GP/Club Championship for 2015 – E-mail for details.

Thank-you to all our sponsors, GW Fitness & Rehab, & Serious Supplements for the continued support and belief in what we are trying to achieve. Also thanks to Lynne Ainsworth & Mark McConville for the use of pictures taken at the races for publicity purposes.

So that’s a wrap for the summer series of 2014, it’s definitely been our best yet, don’t worry though it’ll soon be winter and you get to do it all again! I’ll leave you with one final picture taken of Improver winner David Howard at race 4, this, for me, sums up what it should all be about!






Tod Park 5k – Race 1

cannonball Logo



With so much that has happened it seems quite hard to believe that 12 months has passed & we are once again underway in another 5K race series in Todmorden park. The usual 4 race format has once again been adopted with prizes awarded for series overall winners and prizes for the runners with the most improved times over the series, with 3 races needed to count.

After listening to your feedback we decided to slightly tweak the course to give 5 equal laps of 0.96 km with a final straight blast into the centre of the park which not only creates a better finish funnel area but also keeps the race route free from runners impeding people who have not yet finished.

New Finish


“New Finish Area”

74 runners headed for the start line in race 1, which took place last Thursday 26th June. A significant increase on the 47 that ran the fledgling event last year! It was good to see faces a plenty both old and new with a good uptake of people opting to enter the complete series of 4 races.

We advertise these race as ‘Fast & Flat’ & ‘A Good PB Course’ and this race was no exception to the rule with 8 runners coming home in under 17 minutes and a new course record time of 15:50 taking the win for Nathaniel Williams – An unattached runner! There was a good battle for second between Max Wharton (16:15) of Halifax Harriers and Alex Whittem (16:19) of CVFR.

Max   Alex

Onto the ladies and Cannonball regular Laura Hesketh of Blackburn Harriers romped home in 19:14 to take the honours ahead of Autumn Howard (19:52) who won the finish straight battle of the bloggers and forced Salford Harrier Annabeth Orton (19:54) into third place.

Laura 1

It was great to hear lots of talk of ‘seasons best’ and ‘PB’s’ around the finish area and also the genuine sense of running community with so many runners waiting back for the tail enders to finish their runs before heading over to the Hare & Hounds for prizegiving.

There is a full list of results with all the age category winners HERE and there are a few pictures in a gallery on our Facebook page HERE

The next race on Thursday July 10th is also incorporated into the Burnley & Pendle GP and as a result we are expecting a larger than usual field to be competing. With this in mind we are upgrading our usual timing method for this race & will be using timing mats which will be able to record each runners lap splits.  Pre entry is advisable as we expect to be busy & this will help us massively with number issuing etc….

As always, a massive thankyou to all the help on the day – we even have people who help us out with registration & results who manage to run the races as well!

Enjoy your running!


A Fine Day Out



Now that a few days has passed and the dust has settled on what was an amazing day for us at the Inaugural Canalathon Ultra event here is an exclusive insight for those that maybe weren’t fortunate enough to be there to see what they missed and what to expect next year – when we hope the event will flourish into something bigger and better.

it was amazing right from the off to see an almost instant sense of community to the event as the sheer enthusiasm from runners, supporters & marshals alike at being part of something new was all too evident. The diversity of the field was also in evidence with record chasers & challenge runners in equal measures throughout the field which should make for a nice consistent flow of runners throughout the course.



Right from the off pre-race favourite Marcus Scotney hit the head of the field and looked to force a hard pace, although other frontrunners Nick Wolverson & Franco Pardini would hope to have a major say in the final reckoning. It was however Scotney who brought it home in an amazing 3:28 which is a good bar to set if anyone is to lay claim to the course record in future years. It is worth noting that he went through the marathon distance in an impressive 2h 48mins. Nick Wolverson of Edinburgh AC was close second & Franco Pardini completed the podium.


‘Race Winner Marcus Scotney & Cannonball Owner John Lloyd’

(Credit J.Grugel)



‘Nick Walverson (Credit J.Grugel)’

In the womens race the ever impressive Amy Green of Keighley & Craven AC came home first in a fantastic time of 4h 6mins to win by over 40 minutes from her nearest rival Anne-Marie Lord of Oldham & Royton Harriers. 

For a full List of results click HERE


Now, whilst every race has a competitive edge at the business end as reported above, we are extremely honoured that people choose our events as a tool for a variety of personal challenges and goals and two notable examples of this were evident at the Canalathon.

After his epic 18 marathons in 18 days in the summer of 2013, Ribchester Runners Dave Moretta had a new target in his sights – he wanted to be a world record breaker! He had his sights on a record he could achieve whilst incorporating his love of running, whilst once again showing his ultimate respect to the servicemen and women who serve our country. He decided he would attempt to break the record time of 6 hours to carry a 20lb pack over a 50km distance – the distance of the Canalathon. He would not be able to remove the pack until he crossed the line & would also have to be self sufficient for the race like the other competitors. His hydration and nutrition strategy would be key to his success & serious supplements were on hand as always to assist.



‘Iron Man Dave Moretta – Credit G.Wilkinson’

Barring a couple of issues with his camera batteries (the entire run had to be seamlessly filmed as evidence) he achieved his goal in 5h 50mins and subject to the paperwork will be making his way into the record books. We are extremely proud of Dave for once again showing great strength and self belief to succeed and also that he chose one of our events as the platform to achieve.

I’m sure every single runner has their own personal story to tell, first ultras, PB’s, overcoming adversity etc…. But we certainly saved the best until last.

Pauline Byers, an everyday wife, friend & mother with a love of running was undergoing treatment for a second diagnosis cancer this time last year, through amazing support from a whole network of people and an unbelievable determination to achieve, completed the ultra-distance. Not happy only to achieve her own personal goal, on the day she was willing to go that extra mile and ran, encouraged and refused to leave a fellow competitor behind – it was so fitting that they crossed the line together!


‘A True Inspiration’


This could not have been possible had she not had an amazing team of people behind her and had the tenacity to put in hours of training. Pauline has been working with GW Fitnessandrehab on a one to one basis and has ventured regularly out of her comfort zone. The hard work paid off, there wasn’t a single dry eye at the finish line as this remarkable story came to it’s conclusion. It was such a priviledge to be part of that moment.

i will leave you with the thoughts of some of the competitors received via our social media channels following the event and look forward to seeing you next year!


francojpardini – @cannonballevent fantastic event today, thanks!

Micealh – Thanks @cannonballevent for a really well-organised race today. #canalathon

mffrenzel – Excellent day for #ultrarunning . Thanks @cannonballevent for the great organisation of @Canalathon

nwolverson – @cannonballevent Thanks guys, great event. Good support from marshalls & spectators, saw somewhere new. + Nice efficient results process

Paul Bromley – Cracking race! Thanks you all marshalls, you were amazing! Super camaraderie with other runners. Calderdale Way Ultra next!






dannytheseal – @Canalathon top event yesterday guys. Swim done now off for a steady jog t wake my legs back up

marcusscotney – Enjoying an excellent post race meal with other successful runners of the @Canalathon

haiggy37 – @cannonballevent thanks for organising the @Canalathon . 1st ultra ,excellent event!





Happy Running!


Event Review – The Cannonball Ultra Day & Night.


Last Saturday, 8th March, we were very honoured to be able to welcome such pedigree as Ultra Runner Stuart Mills to our neck of the woods to run & present to our event participants. unfortunately due to injury, Stu was unable to run but a good group headed out and enjoyed 25 miles running in the amazing West Yorkshire countryside.  Taking in a good section of the Calderdale Way Ultra we hope those that ran got a good flavour of what was in store come June 7th when the full event takes place.

Also on the run was Local runner Dave Moretta, who ran the entire route with a backpack loaded up to 20kg in preparation for his World record attempt at this months Canalathon, where he will become the first person to complete a 50km Ultra Run whilst laden with a backpack weighing 20lb’s for the duration. Such an epic challenge but one that the Serious Supplements fuelled athlete will relish, after his successful 18 in 18 in 2013 where he ran 18 marathons in 18 days to commemorate the loss of Lancashire soldiers during the troubles in Afghanistan. We wish you well Dave!



Dave Moretta Climbs Another Banking


Once the runners had had a post run refreshment stop and a chance to shower & change it was over to Stuart for the evening part of the proceedings…

The evening was opened by Ben Blackburn of Serious Supplements who gave everyone samples of their products followed by a well balanced and informative talk on the importance of correctly preparing your body for the rigours we subject it to. Through not only the racing, where we push it to its very limit as we strive to achieve our personal goals, but also in the relentless training routines we adopt to achieve our targets. All this tied in with the most important factor, recovery.

We were talked through how strategic supplementation could be hugely beneficial to us in terms of achieving those marginal gains which can be the difference between good race & bad race. They offer a wide range of products for very good prices as they don’t adopt a mass market strategy & are really passionate about developing top quality products for athletes who are serious about improving performance. At Cannonball Events we particularly find Serious Stamina for fuelling & hydration combined with Serious Whey Protein for recovery to be a particularly effective combination. How else i can explain how it was possible to run 25 miles of the Calderdale Way on Saturday, up & down the fells to follow it up on Sunday Morning by running a new Personal Best for 10km at Trafford 10k.



Seriously Fuelled!


It was now time for the main event, no, not quite time for the pie & peas….It was time for us to re-charge our glasses & settle in for Stuart Mills. A fantastic presentation from the two time Montane Lakeland 100 winner was received by those in attendance, heavy focus being on the self belief we as runners simply have to instill in ourselves in order to successfully achieve our targets. One line which will now resonate with me is that there is no right or wrong in terms of training, miles, time, ascent etc… what is right is what YOU BELIEVE is right. If you get to that start line with the attitude of “Right, I’m ready, LETS DO THIS!!” chances are you will definately perform to a higher level than if you have a negative mindset. I will never ever stand on a start line again with doubt about my own preparation or ability, my focus will be positive, just as it was at Trafford with all these influences so fresh – it didn’t matter that i had ran on the Calderdale Way less than 24 hours earlier, i was ready & i was going to run well.

We finished off with a quality Pie & Pea supper whilst Stu was happy to offer plenty of individual advice to anyone that sought it. It was a fantastic day which i’m sure those there will take with them & use the tools to great effect. I would once again like to thank Stuart for making the long trip up to see us, i just hope next time he is injury free so we can set the world to rights out their on the trails. We wish him well with his events this year as he once again tackles the epic Ultra Trail Du Mont Blanc (2015 qualifying points on offer through 2014 CDW Ultra) and Maybe a 3rd Lakeland 100 title? I know i wouldn’t bet against it!

You can keep up to date with Stuarts exploits by reading his blog HERE, It’s full of lots of useful hints & tips to Improve you as an endurance athlete.

Thanks for reading!



Windy Hill Fell Race – Runners Information



Windy Hill Fell Race – 16th Feb 2014 – Important Runners Information


This Sunday sees the inaugural running of the Cannonball Windy Hill Fell race. The purpose of this document is to outline a few pointers for the day to make the race as enjoyable as possible for everyone involved. At the time of writing (Thurs 13th Feb) Online places are still available for entry and will remain open until 4pm on Friday the 14th – so if you’re not already entered now is the time to stop thinking and get involved!

The Race HQ is at :- 

Rakewood Rd
Hollingworth Lake
OL15 0AP

Registration will be open from 10am & there are 100 parking spaces at the venue. Additional parking for latecomers can be found on the national trust carparks off Rakewood Rd which are just a short walk/jog to HQ.


The first & most prominent point we would like to make is that of Kit. It is the requirement of any runner taking part in this race to bring & carry the full recommended kit as outlined in the FRA safety guidelines. The route whilst well marked on good trails is ran over exposed moorland and conditions can be changeable. Random kit checks will be carried out at registration & also out on the course – any competitor found to not have the correct kit will be disqualified. Remember NO KIT = NO RUN!

Kit List :-

     – Full Waterproof Body Cover, Garments to have Taped seams  Image

     – Hat & Gloves

     – Whistle

     – Compass & Map of the Race Route

     – Emergency Food & Drink

A map of the race route is available to download at our website HERE and we strongly recommend keeping it in an A4 punched pocket or similar to keep it dry.


Other General Info:-


Serious Supplements have once again provided us with serious stamina to fuel you up pre race and ensure proper hydration before you race. There will also be post race refreshments available at the Rugby club.

There will as usual be an extensive prize table on offer with lots of prizes in all categories & spot prizes on the day!

We will again be using our own chip timing system for accurate results.

For any further info follow the link HERE to reach our website


Hope you have an enjoyable & Safe race!


The Calderdale Way Ultra Marathon – 7th June 2014



We are absolutely delighted to be able to announce that our Calderdale Way Ultra this year has been awarded 2 Qualifying point status for 2015’s North Face Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc. This now seals the quality of the type of events we at Cannonball are striving to bring to you. With competitors needing 7 points for the UTMB it shows that the planning, organisation & overall challenge of this events is up there with the best.


A Little more about the event:-

The Calderdale Way Ultramarathon is a 51.5 miles/82.88km circular around the peaks, valleys & picturesque landmarks of West Yorkshire. There is an epic 6916 ft/2108 metres of ascent (dependent on individual route choice) which is enough to challenge the very best of runners.

The race is fully UKA insured and gratified. There will be a strict race limit of 250 runners and entries are currently open online. The current earlybird entry price option closes on February 1st 2014 so book now to avoid disappointment.

Early Entry Race Costs:-


£54 UKA/FRA affiliated runners
£56 Non-affiliated runners

Teams (Pairs.)

£ 98 UKA/FRA affiliated runners
£100 Non-affiliated runners



Price includes:

  • Detailed waterproof map with descriptions of the route.
  • Aid stations every 10 miles, with medical aid and food and drink supplies. Food and drinks fuel supplied by Serious Supplements.
  • Outdoor Angels offering mobile aid /race support.
  • SPORTident SI-card for recording arrival at checkpoints and timing.
  • Commemorative Technical T-shirt.
  • 2 free drinks at the bar.
  • Hot & cold food after the race.
  • Post Presentation Evening entertainment, courtesy of Local musician Simon Anderton performing a vast array of cover songs from different genres.





 *All prices reflect the professional nature of the event, this is a UTMB qualifying event so the standards will be the very highest. The health and safety precautions taken and the additional planning and preparation that running an event backed by UKA needs.

Entry cost from February 1st 2014 until the final closing date (31/5/2014) are:

Individual Runners.
£62 UKA/FRA affiliated runners
£64 non-affiliated runners

Team Pair.
£ 110 UKA/FRA affiliated runners.
£114 Non-affiliated runners.

To help with your preparation for the event our support network is second to none with experts on hand in all fields of endurance sport. The team at Serious Supplements will be more than happy to assist you in developing your race nutrition strategy, their products are top drawer & we are happy that they will be providing the on route re-fuelling stations on the day.


On the 8th March we have also been able to secure a full day advice and recce event with UK Ultra Runner Stu Mills:-

 – Principal lecturer of Sports Science at Brighton University specialising in sports performance analysis.

 – Winner of over 11 Ultras, including winning Lakeland 100 twice.

 – Winner of 19 Trail Marathons.

 – Represented GB in The 2011 International Association of Ultra Runners World Ultra Trail Championships, finishing an impressive        15th.

 – One of the highest placed GB runners in history to compete in Ultra Trail du-Mont Blanc.

 – Montane sponsored athlete

Stuart will be offering all the advice/experience you could need to complete the challenge. The main event is the evening Q & A session with a talk, feedback session, supper & licensed bar facility although Stuart himself wants to run a section of the route & will be leading an optional 22 mile run on the Calderdale Way leaving Brighouse at approximately 11am. All this for a modest cost of just £15 per ticket.



We wish you well with your training & look forward to seeing you on the start line in June!




New Year, New You???

Ok, so maybe it’s an overused terminology that rears up every year. Que the stereotypes, join the gym, go for a run, buy a bike only for it all to fall by the wayside come February 1st. But it doesn’t need to be that way!! Research shows as high as 88% of new years resolutions fail, we have a system to enable you not to become part of that statistic – The Cannonball Season Ticket.



We know how easy it can be to give up, to not train when the weather is bad, soon it becomes harder to go back as the fear of how much you may have undone the hard work takes control…. What if you had set a long term goal, a personal challenge? Something like the Cannonball Road & Parkruns ticket at just £89 for a non club runner (£69 for UKA Runners) offers outstanding value with pre paid entry into 14 races throughout the year – predominantly over the 5k distance which is ideal for beginners looking for a route into the sport and with the ever popular winter 5k series, which takes place in December included you are sure to keep up right through to next new year. As all our events are chip timed you can keep an accurate check on your progress.

So What is included in the price? :-

• Guaranteed hassle free entry to the included events – Just turn up, collect chip & Run!
• Free Bespoke Cannonball Events Technical T-shirt
• Year round discount codes for Serious Supplements &
• 1 free Sports massage at GW FitnessandRehab
• 40% Discount code for any new races in that may be added to the calendar in addition to those listed.

For Further information visit our website and look on the ‘season ticket’ tab.



We are always on hand to offer advice whether that be on training, race strategy, equipment, sports nutrition, muscle therapy & muscle recovery. We have a good team of professionals onboard and are always approachable to give advice at our races or at our advertised training & recce runs. The next one being Sunday 5th January when we will be attempting a full recce of our Calderdale Way Ultramarathon & encourage runners to drop in at various points en-route for company – We set off from Todmorden Cricket Club at approx 06:30am and plan to run at approx 9 minute miles meaning we will be out for 9 hours total!

Obviously we couldn’t do this without proper nutrition, recovery & hydration & as a season ticket holder you will receive discount codes for serious supplements who offer a full range of sports nutrition solutions meeting the needs of beginners through to seasoned athletes alike. Visit their website or give them a call & their experienced staff will be sure to offer a program to suit.

Finally, another mention for our ‘ultra day’ with top endurance athlete Stuart Mills on March 8th 2014 – tickets are selling fast and full details of this sure to be excellent day can be found HERE

Hope you all have a cracking start to your 2014 training & visit us on Facebook (cannonball events) & Twitter (@cannonballevent) for the latest news or to share your training & goals for 2014 with us!

Happy Running!


A Thankyou!

As 2013 draws to a close and an new exciting 2014 is on the horizon, we here at Cannonball Events want to thank all the runners who have supported us over the last year & for their continued support in the future!

We really to take immense pleasure in watching normal people achieve their personal goals on a regular basis, whether that’s a first sub 60 minute 10k run at Littlebrough or watching your times tumble at one of our three 5k race series where the emphasis really is on community spirit and creating a support network from fresh beginners to seasoned athletes alike!

2014 promises to be an exciting year, especially now we have both permits in place for the Calderdale Way Ultra and the Canalathon these events are sure to be a success with the ever increasing popularity of long distance endurance running. If you are unsure if the challenge is for you then why not come along to our Day with Stuart Mills where not only do you get to run with one of the great ultra runners of a generation but also all the insight & information you could need to prepare for such a challenge.

There is going to be a return of the Hill Roller series as well as three exciting new fell races – Windy Hill, Cock Hill Wood & Pendle Memorial.














The  big news for 2014 is that we are going to be introducing a season ticket package by where you pay a one off fee & this will get you entry into all of our events – the final details on the costs and packages available are still being worked out but if you are to keep an eye on our social media feeds over the next week or two that will be the place to find out the information first!

Our first event of 2014 is the Windy Hill fell race and we hope for your support in this early season cracker with excellent views and fast runnable trails throughout. There will be the usual feast of prizes with both individual categories and teams. Online entry can be found HERE and full details are HERE

All the best!